In an effort to provide our partners all available selling assets, we have made available our entire digital media library and now we are uploading high resolution edited videos as well. Dozens of high quality video files can easily be accessed on our FTP Site, downloaded, and uploaded for use on your own websites and social media channels.

Video Content is specific to the T-REX Grilles & ZROADZ product lines, and are labeled with BRAND / PART NUMBER / CATEGORY descriptive titling for your convenience. Video content & subjects cover vehicle specific highlights, product highlights, product specific videos, rebate promotional material videos and various other genres. We strive to build and create content as we build out and release new products.

If you have any new ideas or would like to see something not featured, drop us a line and make a suggestion. We would love to hear from you.

We also invite you to feature, use, share, repost, and link to our T-REX & ZROADZ Youtube, Instagram, Motoroso, & Facebook pages: