ZROADZ Introduces Dynamic LED Lighting Solutions at SEMA

ZROADZ LED, Inc. is thrilled with the immediate positive reaction established during our initial soft launch at the 2015 SEMA Show. We want to recognize our partners at T-Rex Truck Products for highlighting the ZROADZ Brand and product offering on their 2015 Chevrolet Colorado booth vehicle.

We would also like thank every person and representative that came by to see what all the excitement was about making our participation a standout at this year’s show. It was a great honor to establish new relationships and solidify existing associations.


Throughout the week of SEMA and within the last week here back in town, ZROADZ heard the demand for high quality LED mounting solutions and received high praises across the board for our first round of innovative product offerings. To put it lightly, we are very excited regarding the future market opportunities that are just a few weeks away.

The main topic that came up time and time again were ZROADZ strategic design elements directly engineered into 95% of our products. Mounting from factory locations with factory hardware is key for a hassle free install that we can extend to the customer for quick and efficient install times and just being able to get more vehicles through the shop in a timely matter. The forward facing LED roof mounts are an entirely different subject! With more than a year of engineering on these dynamic innovations alone, ZROADZ was able to create several unique LED mounting solutions for just about every domestic truck application focusing on the 2007 and up late models first available for 2016. With the patent pending “Through Bolt “ design ZROADZ was able to not only securely mount the bracketry but also plumb the necessary electrical wiring through the same mounting hardware. This allows for a clean install into the roof of the vehicle while remaining impervious to weather condition and keeping 100% of the wiring hidden.

These products are all solution oriented and serve a purpose. The demand will be high and the margins will be lucrative.

We look forward to launching in Q1 of next year and if there’s anything you need from our end, please feel free to reach out to the team here, we look forward to your comments or questions. We are accepting pre-orders now. In case you missed it, check out the show favorites, and share these with a friend or colleague.


Locates (1) 40" Curved LED Light Bar



Locates (2) 3" LED Light Pods


DYNAMIC INNOVATION, is the ZROADZ difference. Quality manufacturing should never be an afterthought. At ZROADZ, every part number is conceived from the ground up, by American engineers with decades of automotive experience.We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve been there. We know that a poorly designed product will quickly become unprofitable and unwanted. Within the ZROADZ line of Dynamic LED Mounting Solutions you’ll find creative, intuitive, time saving design elements at every turn. ZROADZ products install quickly and correctly the first time, with the least amount of drilling possible, or often, no drilling at all. No headaches, no beard scratching, no tool throwing, no time wasted. ZROADZ offers easily installed solutions through high quality, durable, innovative American made products that are guaranteed FOR LIFE.