New Grille Options for the 2015 Ford Mustang

The grille on your 2015 Mustang is one of its most distinctive features, and T-REX knows this. We have developed Grille Products that are designed specifically for the 2015 Mustang and available in three unique styles. Our extremely popular Laser Billet Series Grille, in polished aluminum or flat black powder coated as well as two styles of our Upper Class Grille.

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Laser Billet

Polished Flat Black
6215300 Billet Main 6215301 Billet Main
6225300 Billet Bumper 6225301 Billet Bumper

Laser Billet: This Laser Billet Grille features prominent 3D contouring and styling that complements the body lines. This one-piece 6061/6063 Billet Aluminum grille is distinguished by a highly polished high-sheen face or as flat black powder-coated aluminum. The lower bumper grille is one single unit and is made to overlay the stock bumper grille unit.

What makes the T-REX Laser Billet Grille so special?
Our Laser Billet process is totally unique because of the precision laser cut aluminum plate stylized to match the contours of the vehicle and space available. Designed to obscure and hide the vehicle components behind the grille and OE parts that show behind narrower, traditionally styled billet grilles. The result is an aggressive appearance that sets the mood of this awesome new Mustang. Finally, we powder-coat the complete assembly flat black and polish the front-face for our Polished line. What this means to you, is the T-REX Laser Billet Grille presents fresh, clean grille lines that add a distraction-free and "finished" look to your vehicle.


Upper Class Mesh

Single-Window Upper Class
Polished Upper Class Flat Black Upper Class
54530 Single-Window Main 51530 Single-Window Main
55530 Bumper 52530 Bumper

Single-window Upper Class: The polished stainless steel Upper Class Grille is a one-piece unit formed of heavy duty wire mesh that features 4 squares per inch and overlays the stock main grille opening. These one-piece wire mesh grilles are distinguished by a polished 304 stainless steel or flat black powder-coated finish


Upper Class Mesh

Three-Window Upper Class
Polished Upper Class Flat Black Upper Class
54529 3-Window Main 51529 3-Window Main
55530 Bumper 52530 Bumper

Three-window Upper Class Grille: Is partitioned by an exciting three-framed window. The formed wire mesh features 4 squares per inch and overlays the stock main grill opening. The three-piece wire mesh grille is distinguished by a polished 304 stainless steel or flat black powder-coated finish.


Like all T-REX products, these grilles are crafted by our skilled design technicians and will appeal to nearly every customizers taste. Each grille can be installed in under an hour using common hand tools.

These new 2015 Mustang GT T-REX Grilles options will become an instant classic, featuring a perfectly proportioned and well-designed enhancement to the styling of this iconic vehicle. Replacing your factory grille with the T-REX styled grille will make your car stand out from the run-of-the-mill pony herd.

Each T-REX Grille is manufactured to exact tolerances in the U.S. for a perfect fit and finish every time. And all 2015 Ford Mustang GT T-REX Grilles come in a polished or black finish and are backed by an industry leading Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty and 3 Year Limited Finish Warranty. Grilles are in stock and ready to ship!

For more information contact your nearest T-REX dealer or call T-REX Grilles directly at 800-287-5900.