T-REX Unilateral MAP Policy

MAP and MAWP Policy


T-REX Truck Products Inc, hereafter T-REX Grilles, has unilaterally adopted this Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy for all T-REX Grilles branded products effective January  1st, 2016. This policy replaces the current T-REX Grilles Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy which will be discontinued effective 11:59 p.m. on Dec 31st, 2015 and applies to all T-REX distributors and resellers.

Advertising that offers or suggests a lower possible price other than the set minimum advertised price is considered a violation of this policy.

This T-REX Grilles MAP and MAWP policy is set to provide T-REX Grilles’ distributors and resellers the ability to earn a reasonable margin while selling a high quality product. This ensures that T-REX Grilles’ distributors and resellers are able to deliver to consumers the level of customer service expected of a premium product. It is not T-REX Grilles’ intention to set a minimum selling price. T-REX Grilles’ distributors and resellers are free to establish their own selling price without consultation with T-REX Grilles.

This policy pertains to any and all T-REX Grilles advertising including but not limited to any print media, mail-order catalogs and/or mass mailings as well as any digital and/or online media such as internet based e-commerce, trade or auction style websites as well as television and/or radio advertisements. This policy shall include prices advertised on “shopping cart” pages whether they are incorporated in the dealer site or provided by a third party.

  • MAP – The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) at the retail level for T-REX Grilles product is fixed at $0.50 below then current, published T-REX Grilles Jobber Price.


  • MAWP –The Minimum Advertised Wholesale Price (MAWP) at any wholesale level for any T- REX Grilles’ product is not to be lower than T-REX Grilles Published Jobber price less 20%.

For both the MAP and MWSP the minimum advertised price is the net price. Net price is defined as the advertised price less the value of any additional free or discounted products, discounts, non factory rebates, reduced tax or other services included with the purchase. Shipping, handling and installation charges are not applied to any calculation of net price for purposes of this policy.

Any and all T-REX Grilles ads must feature a clear and accurate illustration/picture of the T- REX Grilles product(s) advertised including part number along with our company logo. Any exceptions to the above policies must be authorized in writing from T-REX Grilles.

Failure to comply with the above polices may result, at the exclusive discretion of T-REX Grilles, in loss of discounts and/or T-REX Grilles terminating its business relationship with or in any way supporting the offending reseller on an indefinite or permanent basis.

Setting of pricing, including the permitted advertised pricing for T-REX Grilles products, is the exclusive and unilateral responsibility of T-REX Grilles. Consultation, agreement or discussion regarding appropriate pricing levels between T-REX Grilles and its distributors and dealers is neither sought nor accepted.

Enforcement and Penalties

This MAP policy provides an important role in the branding strategy of T-REX Grilles and will be actively monitored across all reselling channels including, but not limited to, independent retail, marketplace sites, auction sites and elsewhere to identify situations in which resellers have failed to comply with this policy.

If T-REX determines that a reseller has violated this policy, T-REX, at its sole discretion, will either directly or indirectly take the following steps:

1st  offense – Reseller will be placed on a “Do Not Sell” list for a period of 30 days and the reseller will not be permitted to purchase T-REX branded products directly or from a distributor for this period of time.

2nd offense – Reseller will be placed on a “Do Not Sell” list for a period of 90 days and the reseller will not be permitted to purchase T-REX branded products directly or from a distributor for this period of time.

3rd offense - Reseller will be placed on a “Do Not Sell” list for a period of 360 days and the reseller will not be permitted to purchase T-REX branded products directly or from a distributor for this period of time.

 The time period that a reseller may be kept on the “Do Not Sell” list will not commence until all violating advertising has been removed.

In addition to being placed on a “Do Not Sell” list, the violating reseller will also be removed from T-REXs’ authorized dealer locator and will lose the right to use any and all of T- REX’s intellectual property in the advertisement and/or sale of T-REX branded products for the period of time during which the reseller is on the “Do Not Sell” list.

The violator is also subject to having all pending orders cancelled.  No orders will be accepted from the violating company during the time it is on the “Do Not Sell” list. The “Do Not Sell” list will be maintained by T-REX and made available to any company to ensure that those to whom they are selling T-REX branded products are not in violation of this policy. T-REX direct buyig customers continuing to sell T-REX product s to a company or person on the “Do Not Sell” list face suspension or termination of their relationship with T-REX.


T-REX reserves the right to occasionally permit sales of its products in connection with authorized promotions for limited periods.. Notice of such opportunities will be provided to resellers by T- REX as deemed appropriate to ensure continued compliance with this policy.

Additional Policy Terms and Conditions

This policy may be modified, extended, suspended, discontinued or rescinded in whole or in part without prior notice by T-REX at any time. Official T-REX notices will describe the duration and nature of any such modification, extension, suspension, discontinuation or recession of the policy by T- REX. When reasonably possible, T-REX will provide thirty (30) days notice of changes to its MAP prices to ensure adequate notice to all resellers.

Any inquiries regarding this policy or its enforcement should be forwarded to T-REX MAP/MWAP Program Administrator at trexmap01@gmail.com. Please note that T-Rex Grilles sales or marketing staff are not permitted to interpret this policy nor are they authorized to offer any exceptions or special arrangements.

Thank you for your support of T-REX Grilles.