The Toyota Tacoma is an ideal vehicle platform suitable for venturing into the great outdoors for a multi-day trip, away from the paved jungle. With the ZROADZ ACCESS Overland Rack easily bolted into the vehicle's track system, the 2016-2021 model Tacomas are now overland ready to haul any essential gear necessary for an extended off-road adventure.

One of the exclusive benefits to the ZROADZ Tacoma Overland Rack is the lightweight aluminum lifting side gates. These ACCESS gates make retrieving necessary supplies from the Tacoma's bed a quick and painless process.

Overland rack with lifting side gates

With the included pins, you can just lift the gates open and lock them into position for easy access to the cargo bed. 

Tacoma overland rack pins

The accessory mounting provisions integrated throughout the framework allow you to mount off-road accessories such as recovery boards, hi-lift jacks, shovels, and fuel & water storage on the access gates, any items weighing up to 30 lbs.

Tacoma Overland accessories mounted

With the four, bright ZROADZ 3 inch LED Flood Lights included, lighting up the trails or setting up camp will be a breeze. The wiring harness with fusible link, relay and toggle switch are all included and comes with the Overland Rack. If you need additional lighting, you can mount most 3 inch LED pod lights with provisions to cleanly route power wires. 

Tacoma overland rack light pods

The Tacoma Overland Rack was designed to install easily using the factory's track system, no drilling required. After the initial assembly, it only takes a few minutes to remove the ACCESS Overland Rack from the Tacoma if needed. The rack ships in two boxes as a complete package, all necessary hardware included for the install. 

Overland Rack mounted to the bed

The all tig-welded, heavy-duty construction of the overland rack and full-length rails provide rigid stability. Hybrid heavy gauge steel and aluminum construction give this Tacoma rack the ultimate load-carrying capacity of 800 lbs on-road and 400 lbs off-road. This Tacoma rack has 10 ga steel legs with transverse crossbars, 7 ga aluminum lateral crossbars and door assemblies with 304 stainless pivot collar.

Tacoma overland ready with tent


The Tacoma Access Overland Rack is available with two lifting access gates (see part number Z839101) and three access gates as well (part number Z839201)

Tacoma with two access gates



Rack with light





The ZROADZ Access Overland Rack is best suited for a closed size tent of 47"W x 55"L x 11.5". For overland enthusiasts who need larger-sized or hard shell tents, we engineered the Rack Crossbars that allow tents to rest over the cab of your Tacoma. The Crossbars easily bolt on to the Access Overland Rack without drilling and the multi-hole slotted bases provide adjustability throughout the rack.

The Crossbars accept most universal mounts for bikes, kayaks, other gear, accessories and come as a complete package with all necessary hardware included and pads to protect your tent and Crossbars. 


Overland Rack Crossbar


Protect your Tacoma bed cargo with ZROADZ Access Overland Rack Gate Locks! Manufactured from high-strength steel, features weather-resistant rubber lock cap, durable e-coted lock body, and set of spare keys for each lock.

Gate Lock Set

Tacoma Gate lock


American Made and built to last, ZROADZ has tastefully addressed the need for quality off-roading products. All products are covered with lifetime structural warranty.




Join us as we load our camping gear and go on an adventure to explore the back roads of Southern California in this video. Just nature, the wind, and our overlanding gear, that we rely on.

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